Applejack walked slowly into the Cutie Mark Crusarders clubhouse, lieing to them that she is gonna fix some things inside it. After reaching the place, she made sure that noone, espically Twilight, was around. She opened the door finding that her freinds, except Twilight, was there. Pinkie Pie spoke:

"You are late."

"But i had to go buck some apples." Lied Applejack, but Pinkie can sense her lies.

"Youre lieing to me eh? Sit on the corner and think about what you've done."

"I wont!" Said Applejack

"If you dont ist there, im going to let Rainbow say to Apple Bloom that you were lieing to her." said a serious Pinkie with a frown face

Applejack headed to the corner, it was really dark at night, but Pinkie did this move to make Applejack frown for lieing to her. Fluttershy spoke:

" Solar called me, she said instead of metting Pinkie first, she should this betrayer first. I Hope youre hearing this Liarjack!"

"So i should come with you then Fluttershy,you know, when we lock her up."Asked Pinkie

"Indeed, and Rainbow Crash should make her fall on the ground but living of course, Solar wants her for something."Replied Fluttershy "Any more things to say?"

"Yes, one more thing." Said Rarity

"What?" Said Fluttershy

"MINE!" Replied Rarity taking all the food 

"You could all go now, ill keep an eye on Applejack making sure she stays there." Said Pinkie Pie

"Alright" Replied Fluttershy

As Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash flew right out of the clubhouse, Pinkie went right to Applejack and whispered very creepily:

" You are going to stay here till sunrise."

"But mah sister will be happy at mah." Complained Applejack

"Too bad, ill just sit here and watch you till youre allowed to go, Do i make myself clear?" Shouted Pinkie

"No."Whispered Applejack to herself