"Cock A doodle doo!"

Twilight groaned just as she heard the rooster, but she knew she had to wake up. As she stood up, her legs only wobble.  Twilight wished she hadnt broken that door to recieve her crown, my legs are more worth more than a crown. But, the other thing she wondered that why her freinds had been acting strangly. Fluttershy was a brute who only gave her insults and sarcastic talks, Applejack was a liar saying it with no problem and Rarity was an messy greedy pony, she won't even touch any single pesk of dirt!

She got ready to get out of her library, good thing it wasnt touched! Now where was Spike?\

"Spike? Where are you?" shouted Twilight all over the library, she looked everywhere and everyplace. But when she went to her basement where she keeps all her science gizmos, she found a not saying:

Dear Rarity Twilight Sparkle

If you are reading this, that means you either came here to pack youre things, or you have been fallen into Celestia's trap.

You see, Celestia said to Luna for me to pack my things and come to Luna (dont worry shes really fun!). But Luna actually heard her speak as her past self, but she wasnt actually that sure, so she just kept her mouth shut.

Luna told me to warn you about your so called freinds, because she heard Celestia mention about them being clones. So be careful around them, they might be up to something.

Say hi to gorgeous, buetiful Rarity our real freinds!

From Spike

As Twilight finished reading the letter, she just laughed.

" Seriously Spike? Freinds never betray each other! But that could explain their weird behavier." Said Twilight

Another letter appeared from small, green flames that came out of nowhere. Twilight grabbed the letter and read:

Dear Rarity Twilight Sparkle

Believe it or not, me and Luna are watching you from this great spell that Luna made, and with popcorn!

Oh yeah and, that last letter that you found there was written by Princess Cadence Luna impersonating me. She does have a very good job on doing it!

Say to Rarity hi from me our freinds hi!

From Spike

After finishing reading the letter: there was a knock on the door. Twilight walked to the door and opened the door with her magenta coloured magic. Only to see Fluttershy, Rarity and Applejack standing there waiting:

"What took you so long eggheadf?" Said Fluttershy "We need to talk, NOW!"