"Oh, its the liar, the hoarder and the brute. What very unpleasent way to see me after what youve done in my return to Ponyville." Said Twilight angryily,

She was really angry at her 'freinds' for treating her that way when she returned, The way that Fluttershy is eing mean to her, the way Applejack lied in every second she got and the way Rarity greedily snatched her crown.

"Look egghead, Princess Moletia wants to see you and we will take you to her, and if youre not going to accept this the easy way, well do it the hard way." Said Fluttershy harshly

Fluttershy, Applejack and Rarity surronded Twilight, ready to bounce on her and tie her to send her to Solar Flame. Just as they were going to bounce, a blue mare with rainbow mane flied crashing a part of the ceiling. Twilight was about to make her fix it, but she needed Rainbow Dash's help.

"Dont worry Twilight, I'll help you defeat them " Said Rainbow Dash flying behind her back. But the chance that Twilight wasnt looking, she grabbed a pan and hitted her, which made Twilight sleep for a bit.

"Ill help you alright, help you in losing." Said Rainbow Dash harshly, 

"Dont worry Sugahcube, youll be just fine" Lied Applejack tieing her with a rope

I know this is a short chapter, but look on the bright side

Ill focus on Luna and Spike's reaction about this in Las Pegasus

Tll then, enjoy this chapter and guess what will happen XD