Well im not really sure how i became, but this is how i remembered;

I was a depressed, pushover kid, some people were making fun of me because of my singing my hobby. I wasnt a brony, in fact, i was avoiding it so i cannot be girly.

One day, i decided to give it a chance from a one of my relatives constant MLP love. My first episode was Apple Family Renioun i think, i thought the episode was really good, espiecally the songs, so i decided to keep watching MLP. Though i wasnt a full brony yet, i didnt feel any girlish things from it, and all the saying were false about this being girly.

I looked more into the fandom, finding from birilliant fanfics to magnificent fan art, I was really impressed by the fandom, then i decided to be a brony

I also found out about this place where i met you guys. first i checked through the comments to check which website it is, then i finally coughed up to make an account. So here i am PinkiePie12345

Peaple are still making fun of me, and i was about to leave by it, but if i was happy, ill keep being into the fandom, it taught me happiness, and im never going to take it away. So here i am, proud of myself of being a brony, a brony named PinkiePie12345