Welcome! I thought of sharing my thoughts with all of you on what i think are the best songs of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic. Lets start with the unoffical number 11

Number 11: A Hop, Skip, and a Jump (Unoffical version)

I personally like this more than the one aired. It has an upbeat tune, fantastic lyrics that really go with the instrumental and fantastic singing by Shanon. However, this one gets on so low is because it is not the one that is released in the episode sadly. So i must keep it as the honorable mention number.

Number 10: Art of The Dress (Reprise)

Please do note that reprises will appear alot in this list.

Heh, and people say that Rarity doesnt deserve the element of Generosity. This reprise is on the same level as its original song. However, i prefer this reprise. Rarity clearly shows her stress of her friends telling her how they want the dresses as it goes against what she wants but she doesnt say it to her friends just to make her happy, and its shown in her singing voice. Just look at the video and see all that she is going through. The instrumental helps too, though at times a bit lacking. Overall, a good reprise to a good song.

Number 9: The Succes Song

This song is the happy reprise of the song that Twilight sang earlier, and its very good. All the Mane 6 have their time to sing (Yes even Spike.) and its really heartwarming to see Rarity being the one who comforts Twilight there first. Again, good reprise for a good song.

Number 8: Morning In Ponyville

They did a well done job doing a opening song just like Belle from Beauty and The Beast, where the character talks about the town in general (Not the reprise of the song, mind you.). However, it had been done better (Which ill talk about later) and that makes it low on the list. Still, this is a pretty cute song with Twilight's expressions and compliments to the town. Morning In Ponyville, its great but done better.

Number 7: Pinkie the Party Planner (Original+Reprise)

This is what i mean by Morning In Ponyville done better. It is reminicent of Belle much more (Without the cheesy reprise, instead we get a good one) than Morning In Ponyville. And it still holds itself by simply sounding great. Its like after Smile Smile Smile, where Pinkie does the things that people like for them to be happy and in return the people love her.And in the reprise, the short duet between Cheese and Pinkie is just fantastic. Overall, fantastic song.

Number 6: Under Our Spell

This is a villian song. Not Battle of The Bands, not This Day Aria. Their voices are definitely better than the rainbooms as they are soothing but has a strong voice singing, which shows the lies and hatred theyre spreading gently within the students. And the instrumental, oh my god. Just listen to it, youll have a time of the lifetime. The lyrics are nothing special, sadly. Overall, fantastic song.

Number 5: Pony Pokey

I adore these types of songs, comedic songs. It provides lots of laughs for the audience. Pony Pokey is no exception, from Rarity's impatience to Fluttershy's wrath. Oh and lets not mention the lines of irony is just hiliarious, especially at Fluttershy's shout. Overall, hiliarious song.

Number 4: What My Cutie Mark Is Telling Me

Another comedic song, and this one is better than the last one. It has slapstick, lovely lyrics and some strange instrumentals, ill definitely give credit for Daniel for making this. Though its really a sad thing that the song after this makes you want to feel ashamed for lauging at them in the beginning. However, overall it is a fantastic and hilarious song.

Number 3: The Heart Carol

This is simply a beautiful song, Granted its a carol, but its the best one i heard yet in a show. The lyrics are cheesy, but they are forgiven since they just did a whole play relating to what is basically christmas. And the instrumental is top notch. Sadly, there are just two more that i just had to put it above this song

Number 2: Bats

I must admit, i do love some dark stuff, which is why i adore The Hunchback of Notre Dame. And i think this song is the darkest song yet, especially when it has company from a fantastic duet. I just adore how dark and powerful this song can get. But, it wasnt enough to beat....

Number 1: Generosity (Reprise)

Suprise suprise, a reprise is my fav song out of all in MLP FiM. If you didnt read what i said before about this, might as well post a summary. Everyone felt what Rarity felt here, and it turns out to be emotional. The emotional side works quite nicely as the lyrics are extremely well done and the instrumental is just amazing. Overall, this is the perfect song for me, and my fav for the whole show.

So? What is your fav songs?

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