Hello Wikia friends! Today we have my top 5 Pokemon from a certain type, that is Normal! Now this is 100% opinionated, so don't be shy adding your own top 5. And I'll be leaving a vote on which type should be next for a top 5 below. Okie, let's get started

5. Delcatty


This little kitty here is a very cute Pokemon. I mean, they're the evolved forms of Skitty! I know this doesn't have so much use and is in NU at the moment. But I just adore it.

4. Eevee


Now now, you expected this to come. The master of evolutions, that is Eevee. With 8 evolutions to choose from and his overall cuteness. Why shouldn't he be here?

3. Persian


There's another kitty in town. Yep, it's Persian. This mischievous cat is just regal looking to me. I mean, cats are supposed to be good looking right? Or maybe I'm wrong ...

2. Cincinno


I introduce you to the boa/scarf wearing Cincinno! I just like its design. Go for regalness more than cuteness is genius because of the many cute Pokemon. I think that this may be my first Normal type fav Pokmon soon enough.

1. Jigglypuff


If you know me very well, you'll know I adore Fairies. And Jigglypuff is one of my fav Pokemon even though it is in the depths of NU. But I just smiled when she was a Normal/Fairy type. Finally another type combo that can deal with fighting other than Normal/Flying. And also, she's extremely cute. I feel like I said cute so much already ...

Well, that's about it. Now you could submit your own list down. While voting which type should I do a top 5 for. Let's get on with the poll...

Next Top 5 Type

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The next top 5will be on a Tuesday, so I'm counting the votes on the same day. Have a good day!