The best reprise of MLP

This reprise .... This makes me cry. Not only its one of the best reprises out of MLP, it is also one of the saddest scenes of MLP. Yes, even more than Fluttershy crying in Hurricane Fluttershy. Come on, lets analyze this song the whole way through.

"Oh Manehattan, what have i done?

The thought of fashion week was fun ... But i went way too far ..."

Here, Rarity clearly shows regret for her actions later. She thought the trip to Manehattan for fashion week would be a really fun exprience, but after what she had done to her friends she quickly got into deppression and guilt of herself.

"My friends gave me, on ways so kind...

But I gave them nothing but a hard time...

And now alone i stand .... And now alone i stand ...."

This is the highlight of this song. Every person met this situation at least once of her life. Rarity here is on the edge of crying because of how badly she treated her friends like slaves. That makes us relate to her in her struggle. Her friends gave her kindness and generosity, while Rarity gave them being treated like slaves back. And now Rarity feels extremely guilty and depressed about it. So she stands in the rain, all alone. Her guilt swirling through her mind and heart non stop.

So? Shoud i review more scenes of MLP? And which scene would you like me to do?