This is da place to roleplay as one of the Background Six, but with them getting into The Mystery Magical Cure problem.Ill explain it below:

  • Derpy gets Ictavia CM, but she plays the cello so badly and out of tune
  • Octavia gets Vinyls CM, you know what happens......
  • Vinyl gets Bon Bons CM, but she can't make candy
  • Bon Bon gets Lyras CM, she can't play da harp
  • Lyra gets Derys CM, she can't be a good mailmare
  • Dr.Whooves has to fix everything,here are da parts

  • Me:Octavia,shell fill in Fluttershys place at all scenes
  • Roadside Picnic: Vinyl Scratch, she'll fill in Pinkies place at all scenes
  • Bubblemuffin: Lyra, she'll fill in Raritys place at all times
  • HurricaneKhoas: Derpy, shell fill in Rainbows place at all times
  • Dashgirl126: Bon Bon, fills in Applejacks place at all times