An overhated pet with a personality.

It wont  be suprising that Gummy is my favorite pet. However, Angel comes close in second place.Which is suprising, since most of the fandom is either hating on him or is neutral about him. Ill just say what i consider Angel acts.

Angel is spoiled. There is no doubt to that. However, he doesn't act like a spoiled brat but more like a spoiled yet caring child would do. He does care about Fluttershy deeply, as she does take care of him. And that could be counted vice-versa, why? Angel does show affections for Fluttershy, but want to make her assert herself in certain situations. Look at Ticker Master for example. However, he is shown to help Fluttershy and care deeply about her despite his need to assert her and stick up to her flank. Look at Castle Mane-Ia for example. This is why i consider Putting Your Hoof Down to be showing the wrong Angel which may or not caused an uproar and hating on him. Hes not supposed to be acting like a selfish spoiled brat, hes supposed to be an assertive, spoiled yet caring boy.

Episodes which display him at his best are A Bird In The Hoof, due to him helping Fluttershy and making sure she goes there. And Castle Mane Ia, which show him smiling for his owner and worrying about it. Though he cannot resist the carrots, if i were his place i wouldve ate a bowl of chocolate instead.

Now! Decide which character should i write about next! Hope you enjoyed this!