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Its suprising how someone who had as much depht as Rainbow Dash ended up in the bottom of my Mane 6 list. Dont get me wrong, i like her and i do believe she is a great character. But she never really intrested me. Anyway, ill try to not be so biased with this, please bear with me if i do.

Rainbow Dash, in the beggning of the series, got a popular archetype of being a tomboy. She was tomboyish, impatient, prideful yet loyal to her friends and a certain charm which makes RD seem like a fresh new character (Which she is as of now.). As the series went on, she became developing more and more. Her loyality to her friends and the people around her can be seen at it's finest in Wonderbolts Academy. At that time she literally gives up her lifelong dream because of Lightning Dust being reckless, and when she cnfronts Dust about it Dust simply brushed it off. Right after they caused a tornado that almost killed her best friends. This is what Rainbow Falls shouldve been, not the mess it is right now.

.Also, her impatience have been greatly improved from Season 1. See Dragonshy, where she couldnt stand her childhood best friend's cowardnice and wants to get this over with immediatly to Hurricane Fluttershy, where she comforts Fluttershy and encourages her to fly in a very helping tone. 

Rainbow Dash also has a feminine side to her that she likes to keep secret. An example of this is on Read It And Weep, where she doesnt want her friends to notice her do something that wouldnt compliment her which is reading a book.

Oh, and did i mention her times in the spotlight? One of the latest best so far was in Flight To The Finish, where she encouraged the CMC with their perfomance. And when her younger adopted sister was in the darkest and sadest time of her life, she quickly advices the other CMCs to go and comfort her. She also comforts Scootalo, someone who she adopted and idolized her. Oh and lets not forget Trade Ya, where even though she accidently traded away Fluttershy, she calls it to a case and tries her best to gain Flutters back. After that incident, she trades the Orthoros for something Fluttershy wanted all along, a bear whistle. Phew, and people say that Rainbow was out of character in Trade Ya.

And i forgot to say something, RAINBOW DASH IS NOT A JERK. If RD was a jerk, you think she would have went and comforted both her long time friend and her adopted sister who idolized her? You think she would even be the Element Of Loyalty? Do you even think that she would give a second thought about Dust's actions? Think about those.

Rainbow Dash has greatly improved and developed since her introduction, and had her many great moments. I dont find any intrest in her, but im sure many other people do. 

PS: Please tell me which character should i post my thoughts/review on next