Rarity is the 'liked but not as much' member of the group for me, due to her overall personality and realistic episodes. Here, let me explain:

Rarity had a similar situation to RD. She could have been the girly girl archetype and use all the cliches of that trope, but thankfully we got a unique and wonderful character. Lets start  with what she represents, Generosity. Some people may complain about her not being generous enough in the series. Err, hello? Look at Suited For Success, she couldve brushed off her friend's requests of the dresses if she wasnt generous. Heck, she wouldn't even make for them the dresses in the first place without a payment or a trade if she is a greedy person. And in the series they hinted on Rarity's generosity. For example, would you think that Rarity would give a damn to Sweetie Belle if she wasnt generous enough to look after her in Sisterhoof Social and For Whom The Sweetie Belle Toils. Speaking about FWTSBT, would she even consider Sweetie's complaints and make for her the dresses if she wasnt generous?

Lets move to her main character flaw, her vanity. She is shown to be wanting to attention, as shown in Sonic Rainboom, but people can misunderstand this as her being a jerk. Lemme just remind you that Rarity was too into her wings, and people do stupid stuff when theyre into something way too far (Like being angry), and also apoligized immediatly after her down falll ( (trollface) ). Besides, whats wrong with being a little vain? Sure it may cause some problems, but dont you want to be adored and put in the spotlight at times for your wonderful work?

Her best moment so far is really in Rarity Takes Manehattan, the one episode which overshows her generosity and turns it to eleven, though its still a fantastic episodes. Her best moment in that episode was in the Rainbow Realization moment and Generosity Reprise. Rarity shows regret for treating her friends like slave, which EVERYONE can relate to and goes on to try and find her friends so she can apoligize. However, she failed to do it as she didnt find her friends in her hotel room. Then literally comes one of the most saddest scenes in the entire series.

Thats all i got to say about Rarity for now, i will update this when i have something more to say. Have fun and tell me which character is next for a review/thoughts!