Hi my fellow Bronies. It's YoshiWii1 here. I was on Facebook and I saw a News Feed from the Hub about a poor 11 year old boy attempted suicide for being bullied for liking My Little Pony. He is in critical condition right now. Just please pray for his family?

I am also being bullied for what I like too. I am being bullied and harassed nonstop for being a Sonamy supporter and for Amy Rose being my favorite Sonic character. Amy Rose and Sonamy Haters on deviantART spam my profile, steal my Amy and Sonamy art and use to publicly bash me, telling me that I am a homosexual nazi that ****s off to gay porn, etc. Many many people (not Sonic fans) ask me why my profile is such a hotspot for cyberbullies? It's because they hate me and they want to cause harm to me because I love what they hate? I have Asperger's Syndrome and all these cyberbullies are taking advantage of it. I am getting a little scared about people finding out what I like because of these bullies? Just please respect that I am an Amy Rose fan and a Sonamy supporter guys?