There is an upcoming episode featuring MLP: FiM of my fan fiction series on deviantART called "Equilibrium." All the ponies from FiM will be in it. There are also several antagonists from the show in it as well. Nightmare Moon will be the main villain in the episode.

The Plot of the episode revolves around the main character of Equilibrium, Brandon, who is a fictional counterpart of myself. While out at the mall, with his best friend and his girlfriend. A robbery occurs in the mall, so Brandon and his friends arrive on the scene to stop the robber. However, he escapes the mall with the loot. So Brandon feels ashamed he was unable to stop the man because if he did? It would freak people out since he fights enemies with his Zanpakuto, Zangetsu and he would get arrested for possessing a weapon like that. This reminds Brandon of how he was at college when he first got his powers shortly after his parents were killed by a burglar who also killed the man responsible for giving Brandon his powers. Suddenly, a major earthquake happens and the mall starts collapsing! Everyone manages to escape the mall safety including Brandon's friend and girlfriend. But he does not escape and is presumed dead. While unconscious, Brandon is suspended in a void believing he is dead. Then a dark goddess like voice says "No you are not dead.....You are the 7th Element of Harmony....." Brandon replies back and says "Element of what!? Who the hell are you!?" "You are Violence! Destroy all of Equestria!" "Equestria? From My Little Pony? I would NEVER destroy anything! I protect everything!" "You are now a pony! Destroy Equestria at once!" Then Brandon transforms into a half Unicorn, half Pegasus and gets sucked inside a dark portal helpless. After a few seconds, Brandon can hear faint voices coming from girls. "Is he alright?" said a Southern girl. "Hello!?" said a loud mouth girl. Brandon opens his eyes and looks up seeing 6 ponies looking surrounding him. A Purple and Pink maned  Pony says "Are you okay?" Brandon looks at himself and starts wondering what happened to him?

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What Brandon would look like in the episode