Last night I had a dream that after the first new episode of Season 4? There was a new Hasbro logo was a nightmare inducing logo? Instead of the Fireworks Hasbro logo? It was a pitch black screen with a bloody curdling scream of what sound like Rarity's voice. Then the Hasbro logo suddenly appears in a Viacom V of Doom style animation with the Family Home Entertainment 1983 music playing! Suddenly a possessed super scary looking Pinkie Pie roaring in a super low demonic roar! It was so loud it nuked my TV speakers and it left a crack on the screen. It gave me a heart attack! All the bronies pooped their pants when I when on here to see what everyone's reaction was? This is what the logo looked like? Just imagine the V of Doom as the Hasbro logo and the face as Pinkie Pie?