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  • The Real SilverSpoon

    Woah! I nearly forgot!

    I only just realised that today is my first wikiversary. I can't believe I've been on here for a whole year now! Escpecially because I was mostly on here when the show was inactive. (But I did stick around to see Twilight's Kingdom and Rainbow Rocks.) Anyway, my time here has been great thanks to a lot of you. I don't think anyone here knows me, but I've still had a great time.

    Au revoir!

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  • The Real SilverSpoon

    New game! So you ask an MLP-related question, and a user will answer it in the most stupid, wrong way possible. Then s/he asks another question and the next user will reply, ask a question, and so on. I'll start.

    What's a cutie mark?

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  • The Real SilverSpoon

    I'm really nervous doing this, so I'd better get to the point. What was Hurt/Heal? I really want to know, and I don't know if I even need a whole blog to ask this, but I'd just really like to know. Okay, yeah, I'm a bit of a newbie; I only joined in May last year. Now, this is getting awkward, so... bye! (awkward)

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  • The Real SilverSpoon

    Title says it all. I think I want to show one of my friends an episode of MLP, and I want to know which episode I should show them. I don't really know which one, so please give me your ideas. Also, if you don't have a suggestion you might be able to assist me by telling me what episode got you hooked.

    Thank you!

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  • The Real SilverSpoon

    According to the first letter of your username, for a week you become:

    A - Twilight Sparkle

    B - Pinkie Pie

    C - Applejack

    D - Rainbow Dash

    E - Rarity

    F - Fluttershy

    G - Apple Bloom

    H - Sweetie Belle

    I - Scootaloo

    J - Owlowiscious

    K - Gummy

    L - Winona

    M - Tank

    N - Opalescence

    O - Angel Bunny

    P - Diamond Tiara

    Q - Silver Spoon

    R - Spike

    S - Princess Celestia

    T - Princess Luna

    U - Princess Cadance

    V - Shining Armor

    W - Trixie

    X - Gilda

    Y - Sunset Shimmer

    Z - Discord

    Any non-letter - Derpy

    I become Luna!

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