• The Rubber Fury

    Seeing as how I just joined this wiki, I want to know more about some of you so that I can get with the site more. So I must ask this: How did any of you get in the fandom?

    For me, it was from a YTP that I saw from a Youtuber called TRMario that he did on the show. At first, I thought it was another terrible incarnation of the show, but then I saw the comments section of people praising the show, along with him showing hints that he himself is also a brony. Then one morning, the show randomly came up on the Boomerang channel. The first episode I ever saw was Bridle Gossip, and while, by today's standards, I don't really see it as particularly good, it did seem like a great episode to start off with.

    So I looked up Episodes 1 and 2. I  didn't…

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