Seeing as how I just joined this wiki, I want to know more about some of you so that I can get with the site more. So I must ask this: How did any of you get in the fandom?

For me, it was from a YTP that I saw from a Youtuber called TRMario that he did on the show. At first, I thought it was another terrible incarnation of the show, but then I saw the comments section of people praising the show, along with him showing hints that he himself is also a brony. Then one morning, the show randomly came up on the Boomerang channel. The first episode I ever saw was Bridle Gossip, and while, by today's standards, I don't really see it as particularly good, it did seem like a great episode to start off with.

So I looked up Episodes 1 and 2. I  didn't think they were as good as Bridle Gossip, my favorite part being the introduction to the characters in the first place. But there was some sort of charm to the show that was drawing me in, especially in the Giggle at the Ghostie musical number. So I watched another, and another, and another, and another... until finally I finished Season 1 one night, and then I had found out that John DeLancie was playing a character in Season 2, so I watched through that. Finally, I got to Family Appreciation Day and waited another three days for Baby Cakes to come out. A week later, Derpy came up in The Last Roundup and this made me really have a lot of faith into what kind of dedication the show had to the fans. To add to that, Season 2 had already included some classics that I love to watch over, like The Return of Harmony, Lesson Zero, Sisterhooves Social, and Sweet and Elite.

Since I was going through weekly watches, I decided to check out the fan content, and boy! Was it good!

Now I want to hear from all of you. How did any of you get into the show. Did you see it on TV or Internet? Did someone else tell you about the show? Or did it just show up as a related video? I look forward to hearing from you.