The awesome pony

  • I live in I was born on Los-Pegasus...and at this time around canterlot and cloudsdale
  • My occupation is I don't have one I'm just 14 jears...
  • I am Mare/girl
  • The awesome pony

    So hello everypony,

    I'm here again and this is a 2-part blog for find the best oc song for this year... So um...lets begin what's your favorite (fanmade-)song of mlp?


    And? What's it?



    You can vote 1 time

    You can't change you vote

    Respect the rules

    Certainly does with it

    In waiting list

    • mlp fighting is magic theme song
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  • The awesome pony

    Hello I find this one of the worst days of my life my best your friend goes from school change and that all by a stupid teacher who thinks she is stupid and her mama that gullible is

    And I have that teacher nicknamed: huge chainsaw I hate those chicken really well chicken ... She is more boring. Yes now ween me and I don't know what to do ... Can you help me???

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  • The awesome pony

    Hello here I am again with a new blog ... I'm happy to say I have a lucky horseshoe I det:) know much bronies here yet but that will hopefully still come ... Now I'm here a few days later and it is here really supercool!!! So so I am going to stop my stupid fanfic. And I heecht no idea why I make this ... Okay, okay, okay .... I have now idea but im HAPPY!!!!!!!


    Oeps it must be title

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  • The awesome pony

    Okay guys I'm so happy to say I'm go to make a own pmv story...

    I used things from de elfenheuvel from ketnet, the g4 of mlp the SLOD

    And more ... When you everything mix get you a new serie...

    1) first we have Skye melody she's the little sister of queen Chrystalis. She must go to the alicorn isles to find a special stone named oxus

    2)thinking dash: he is the brother of fastfire, and gets a crush at Skye melody. He loves to learn new things and is one of the best in school.

    3) fastfire: is the brother of thinking dash . He's not like his brother (brother hate) hi likes to play with yumyum.

    4) yumyum: he likes to eat (mostly hotdogs). He NOT like to go to school.

    5) rare ca$h: she's a beautiful pony based of rarity. She's a little bit mean. But she's aw…

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  • The awesome pony

    Hi guys,

    I am a new poney of this wiki I'm a girl (so a pegasister) I'm from Netherland and I'm hope to get sooooooooo many friends!!! :)

    My favorite ponies are

    Pinkie pie : she's the most silly pony and I'm like at her

    Fluttershy; she's soooooo cute :)

    Twilight : she got ALONE a cron and a pair of wings... Do not hate her

    Sunshed simmer ; she look amazing but she's bad :(

    Rarity she's beautiful :)

    Sweety belle : she's the best of the cutiemark crusaders XD

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