My friend Twilight Sparkle managed to get seven tickets to the grand galloping gala for me and all of my friends including herself. We got all ready. My friend Rarity made us all new outfits. Mine had a rainbow and gold and grapes and clouds and I was impressed. I just thought that it could have been 20% cooler. Twilight turned a ball into a carriage. Rarity managed to get a few male ponies to bring our carriage to the gala. We finally arrived. We all split up to go do seperate things. I went to the Wonderbolts to hang out with them. Pinkie Pie went to the ballroom to crank up the party mode. Fluttershy went to the garden to see the animals and plants. Rarity went to see the man of her dreams. Twilight went to have a conversation with princess Celestia. Applejack went to sell her apple products to raise money for the apple family. Things did not turn out how we had planned it, though. All of the animals seemed scared of Fluttershy. The Wonderbolts were too busy with other fans and producers. Princess Celestia had to welcome all of the guests so she didn't have time to talk to Twilight Sparkle. Business was low for Applejack because everyone was eating all of the fancy castle foods. All of the Canterlot ponies were uptight and snooty. They weren't really party ponies. That upset Pinkie Pie. Rarity's dream pony was snooty and self- centered. The whole party turned into a fiasco. After the party, we went to a donut shop. We saw Spike there. We told him the whole story of the gala because he just skipped it. Then, princess Celestia told us that that was the funnest gala ever!!! I was relieved that she wasn't mad at us. She said that the party was always terrible and that she was hoping that we could make the party funner. And guess what? We did!!!
Pinkie Pie ready to fire her party cannon S2E9

Pinkie Pie trying to crank up the party

Main 6 walking into gala S1E26

us in our gala outfits at the gala