Rainbow gets the book S2E16

Rainbow Dash reading the booklet :D

Hey all you bronies and pegasisters!

I am a fellow pegasister who lives in a country which, for security reason, will not be named. I have been a pegasister for nearly a month now, all thanks to my good friend who actually introduced me to it (hard to say, but I rejected her request a significant amount of times!). Today I'm here to talk about what my good friend and I (names would not be mentioned) have created. We call it the Brony Project!

The Brony Project has one and only one purpose; and that is to encourage all the pony haters in the world to give My Little Pony a chance. What my friend and I do is we made this little booklet, and print off pictures of the characters of Friendship Is Magic and stick it in. We then write a little introduction at the beginning of the booklet and write down what the Brony Project is and so on. My friend basically draws a pony (or more) for any customer who wants to have a picture of a My Little Pony character. So far we have a few orders. As you may know so far, the drawings are charged, depending on the difficulty of the pony (meaning how hard it is to draw) or where the ponies came from (for example: Derpy Hooves is a fanfiction Comic Con pony, meaning the price will be slightly higher than the rest).

The Brony Project is only currently marketing in a small area, but my friend and I will try our very hardest to help this project go continental, and maybe even global!


A fellow, proud pegasister <3