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    I'm positing them because everyone else seems to be doing it. Notice how my opinions usually differ some most others'. Overall I thought season 1 was better.

    Friendship is Magic, Part 1: 80%

    Friendship is Magic, Part 2: 80% A fitting ending (or rather a beginning)

    The Ticket Master: 70%

    Applebuck Season: 85% Very funny, and I'm also an AJ fan.

    Griffon the Brush-Off: 75% Follow Pinkie; troll the bullies

    Boast Busters: 80% Good moral; Trixie I hate

    Dragonshy: 75%

    Look Before You Sleep: 90% Very funny. People need to learn to accept each other.

    Bridle Gossip: 85% Stereotyping is not always racism. Episode was good.

    Swarm of the Century: 80%

    Winter Wrap Up: 75%

    Call of the Cutie: 85% Beginning of the CMC and another good lesson.

    Fall Weather Friends: 70%

    Suited For Success: 90%…

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    Now that the second season is over and things are calming down, I can make lengthy blog posts without feeling guilty about interfering with other wiki work.

    This will explain the best I can why I hate The Last Roundup. This is not meant to be offensive to anyone who loves it. I just wanted to let you know before I get going.

    Let’s start from the beginning. The first moments after the theme song were not a good sign.

    Yeah, I never considered myself a fan of Derpy. I don’t think adding her was a good move. Not only did it complicate an already complex plot, but people got offended, and I don’t think it would make any sense to the targeted audience, the little girls that do watch it. Yeah, they do exist.

    The day after I saw it I went online to see no…

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  • Theevina

    Character Quotes

    November 6, 2011 by Theevina

    Each character has a gallery and each episode has a gallery. And each episode has a quotes section, but characters don't have a quotes section. Who supports the idea of adding memorable quotes to character pages?

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