I'm positing them because everyone else seems to be doing it. Notice how my opinions usually differ some most others'. Overall I thought season 1 was better.

Season 1

Friendship is Magic, Part 1: 80%

Friendship is Magic, Part 2: 80% A fitting ending (or rather a beginning)

The Ticket Master: 70%

Applebuck Season: 85% Very funny, and I'm also an AJ fan.

Griffon the Brush-Off: 75% Follow Pinkie; troll the bullies

Boast Busters: 80% Good moral; Trixie I hate

Dragonshy: 75%

Look Before You Sleep: 90% Very funny. People need to learn to accept each other.

Bridle Gossip: 85% Stereotyping is not always racism. Episode was good.

Swarm of the Century: 80%

Winter Wrap Up: 75%

Call of the Cutie: 85% Beginning of the CMC and another good lesson.

Fall Weather Friends: 70%

Suited For Success: 90% Very funny, detailed, and creative.

Feeling Pinkie Keen: 95% Hilarious. Pinkie's best episode.

Sonic Rainboom: 70%

Stare Master: 75%

The Show Stoppers: 80%

A Dog and Pony Show: 90%

Green Isn't Your Color: 95%

Over A Barrel: 95%

A Bird in the Hoof: 85%

The Cutie Mark Chronicles: 85%

Owl's Well That Ends Well: 85%

Party of One: 85%

The Best Night Ever: 85%

Season 2

The Return of Harmony, Part 1: 95%

The Return of Harmony, Part 2: 95% An overall great episode. Very epic.

Lesson Zero: 80%

Luna Eclipsed: 85%

Sisterhooves Social: 80%

The Cutie Pox: 80%

May The Best Pet Win!: 75%

The Mysterious Mare Do Well: 85% Yes, I really liked this episode.

Sweet and Elite: 85%

Secret of My Excess: 60% Like the owl episode better. This was too strange.

Hearth's Warming Eve: 90%

Family Appreciation Day: 85%

Baby Cakes: 70% Babies are way too unrealistic.

The Last Roundup: 10% See this.

The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000: 70% Too many ponies fighting.

Read it and Weep: 85%

Hearts and Hooves Day: 90%

A Friend in Deed: 60%

Putting Your Hoof Down: 80%

It's About Time: 90% I love time travel.

Dragon Quest: 65% I've seen too many of these peer pressure episodes. Not very entertaining.

Hurricane Fluttershy: 80%

Ponyville Confidential: 80%

MMMystery on the Friendship Express: 80%

A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1: 100%

A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2: 100% Spectacular in every way. I tried, but I really can't think of a single bad thing to say about it.