About phrasing:

A) Twilight Sparkle has the ability to quickly recover from having an anvil crashing on her head, as shown in the episode Feeling Pinkie Keen.
B) Twilight Sparkle has an anvil crash on her head in the episode Feeling Pinkie Keen, and she quickly recovers from this incident.

The difference between these two descriptions is important, and not just because one of them is in-universe. Chalking things up to "powers and abilities" turns the characters into playing cards or chess pieces who have preset stats of what they can and can't do. This is not the case, and characters are usually not gamepieces with preset stats. If you must describe abilities, try to create specific sections like "physical strength", "magical powers", "intellect", and so on, as if you're describing a particular facet of the character and not a predetermined set of abilities. For example "Usain Bolt has the ability to run" is not a good description, and neither is "Rainbow Dash has the ability to create a sonic rainboom." Better descriptions would be "Bolt is a runner (who competed in these competitions)" and "Dash creates sonic rainbooms (in these instances)".