The wonderful Jesse Hamm showed me one of Lauren Faust's early independent comics, Supermodels Don't Know Kung Fu. Faust, being young and inexperienced, called it an "artistic progression in the visual storytelling medium", which might be a tall order for a comic that's a sitcom about roommates. Seven preview pages were published, three presenting the concept of the comic and four more from the first storyline, both of which are just an excuse to showcase the characters' poses and expressions, which are the strongest part of the comic. The art, strangely enough, is somewhere between Cats Don't Dance and Quest for Camelot, and it's very rough, probably the stuff Faust is "mortified" to have people see ​[​edit: yup​]​. The poses and expressions are top notch, and they reminded me of what exactly about Faust's touch is missing from Friendship is Magic's later episodes. As it turns out, this 1998 comic didn't set the world on fire and Faust went on to bigger and better things.