You may find yourself wondering, "Throwy is not around, how can I start or improve an article?" The answer, my friend, is found right here on this page! Let's start with the basics of summary-style articles:

Start an article with as much substance as possible

Main article: Help:Writing an article

With most things, it's a good idea to start small, but a single article is already small, so you better start it with as much substance as you can. Don't create empty pages and expect other contributors to finish them for you. A page with substance is already an asset to the reader and the wiki, while an empty page is neither.

Don't add non-information

If you don't know something, just leave it out. Non-information like "TBA" or "it is unknown" or section headers without any content below them simply don't add anything. Most of the time it's speculation, and otherwise it's filler.

Organize the article

Main article: Help:Trivia

Articles should have a short summary at the top, called the lead section. The rest of the article should have a logical flow, preferrably in accordance to how the information is presented in the show. Don't create lists of miscellaneous "factoids", instead organize this information in the existing sections, or create more sections that aid in organizing the information.

Clean up the article

See also {{in-universe}} and {{ce}}

Alongside the process of structuring and filling out an article, details in relation to how the information is presented should be taken into account. Are there too few or too many images? Add or remove them, and make sure they relate and illustrate the text they accompany. Is the text telling a story or is it describing what's depicted in the show? Check that descriptions are true to the show and aren't re-tellings, interpretations, or editorializations of what's depicted. Does the prose flow comfortably? Edit spelling, grammar, and structure so that the article is easy to read and informative.

You're done!

Congratulations, the content of the article you edited is true to the show, accurate, easy to read, informative, and well-organized! You can cross-reference the article with wikilinks to other articles, and link from other articles back. You can check the guidelines and style guide for any specifics of formatting an article on the wiki.

You're not done!

Articles on this wiki can be edited by anyone, and they often are. Inaccurate information sometimes finds its way into your cleaned-up article, and you may want to check back from time to time to clean it up again. Now and then, you can clean up more articles, discuss how to improve the wiki with other contributors, or foster your own project on the wiki.