The Music of the Night

The Music of the NightMkay, so I've started to work on this story for some reason see? It's about a colt Pegasis pony named Night Shroud, he's a reclusive pony who's relatively new in Ponyville, but decides to come out of his shell and try to meet and mingle. He makes his first appearance during the one and only Nightmare Night, when he lays eyes on princess luna, and he crushes huge time for her, however, in his prediciment he finds that he is either too shy to approach her, or he finds her being otherwise occupied with talking with some other members of the mane six. So, in his attempt to contact his "favorite princess" he attempts to get all buddy buddy with twilight sparkle, and some other members of the six, so that he might learn how to contact Princess Celestia, which he believes is his best bet for contacting Princess Luna. It's a romance, not a clop fic alright?!

Sincerely, you're biggest fan,

Night Shroud.