This is an issue which as bugged me for a long time, and I need to get this off of my chest.

In My Little Pony Equestria Girls, Twilight Sparkle had a love interest from the human world, Flash Sentry. Ever since then, fans have been thrashing the tar out of him, but why? Personally, I strongly disagree with a lot of people out there. What makes a character hated? Let's see...

  • Gilda - She made Fluttershy cry by screaming in her face. (I still like the episode despite that one scene.)
  • Diamond Tiara - She very much bullies the Cutie Mark Crusaders and is nothing more than a shallow brat.
  • Prince Blueblood - He treated Rarity like she was dirt, and he used her as a shield to avoid the flying cake.
  • Garble - He mocked Spike for not being a real dragon and for hanging out with pones.

All four characters had a credible reason for fans to dislike or hate them; did Flash Sentry have any reason to get hate? He was shown to be kind, patient, understanding, and very much cared for Twilight even if they were from different worlds, so no, there is no reason to hate Flash Sentry.

(This next part of the rant is NOT an attack on TwiComet shippers; if you like it, fair enough, I respect your opinion, but at least try to understand where I'm coming from!)

In fact, why do people ship Twilight with Comet Tail? Flash Sentry had speaking roles and played a small part in Equestria Girls, and hopefully a bigger one in Rainbow Rocks. Other than one or two lines, did Comet Tail have any role? None at all. Does standing next to Twilight make him her coltfriend? NO, as they were NOT speaking to one another, plus Comet Tail very much has the personality of a boulder!

I need a concrete answer, and no excuses; what did Comet Tail bring that Flash Sentry did not? Give me three reasons Comet Tail is superior to Flash Sentry. ... See? No one can do it; because Flash Sentry has more potential for being Twilight's love interest.

(Some information came from The Railfan Brony Blog, in which I am the main admin)

EDIT: (9/30/14) - With the recent theatrical release of Rainbow Rocks, I have read a few comments that Flash was very much mean to Twilight. I'm going to disagree there because people are missing a piece of vital information; he was under the Dazzlings' spell, and because of that, being hostile to Twilight was out of Flash's control.

This is not the only time this happened; in A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1 (coincidentally, also written by Meghan McCarthy), Shining Armor was under the spell of Queen Chrysalis disguised as Princess Cadance, and when Twilight (rightly so) accused "Cadance" for being evil, she ran off crying and Shining (still hypnotized) got upset at Twilight and didn't want her to be his best mare for the wedding. At the actual wedding in Part 2, Cadance freed Shining Armor from Chrysalis' spell, and her love blasted the Changelings away. Likewise, in Rainbow Rocks, the magic from Sunset Shimmer, Equestria's Twilight and the Rainbooms (CHS Mane 5) freed all the competing bands from the Dazzlings' spell, including Flash.

I mean, really - just because Flash was mean to Twilight because of a spell the Dazzlings cast upon him and other students, it does not automatically make him hateful! Even after that one scene, I'm still a TwiSentry shipper; always have and always will be.

Why do fans have to miss some of the most vital information? What am I not seeing here? I'd love to see if anyone can answer those two questions convincingly.