Thunder Bolt MLP

aka Thunder Bolt

  • I live in Ponyville, Equestria
  • My occupation is Helping everypony I can, weather control, etc
  • I am Male
  • Thunder Bolt MLP

    Im happy to say that I finally found some friends! One is a female pegasis, her name is Stormchaser. Her cutie mark is a twister. Another is her young unicorn sister, Sunny Spell. Her cutie mark is a sunflower. Also there is my male pegasis Crafty Hoof, and his cutie mark is a ruby ring. The last one is Brainy Mane, who is an Earth pony, and her cutie mark is a beaker. While her IQ is off the charts, she isnt even half as intelligent as Lightning, who is only 3/4 as intellligent as me!

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  • Thunder Bolt MLP

    Family of 3

    June 5, 2012 by Thunder Bolt MLP

    If you haven't read my description, you wouldnt know that I only have a brother, Lightning Bolt -we just call him Lightning-, and a sister, Starlight Bolt -we call her Star-. They are the only family members I have. I never even got to see my parents..they abandoned me as a foal, not long after I was born. Lightning, Star and I are the same age, but technically Im the oldest, because my birthday is the first out of the three of ours; and by that I mean I was born 3 minutes before Star, who was born 1 minute before Lightning.

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