The Situation

Hello dear Wikians, in the past few weeks, I've noticed that the quality of our blog posts is horribly going down, and the featured posts usually get, like, 30 comments, while some of the old blog posts got more than 100, not to mention the super old ones with more than a thousand comments, heck, even my introduction post got 10 comments! Well you can blame the lessening amount of active users, but you can't ignore the fact that the blog posts aren't really as good as before.

But how should we make our posts better?

Well, I've noticed some of the things that are making our blog posts more dull every day, and I'll try to provide as much as help as I can.

(Note that the fanfic posts are excluded from these rules, even tho I strongly disagree with posting fanfics in the wiki, why post them here when you can post them in their own specific websites, where there are thousands of readers?)

Avoid The Cliché

Including things that were done before, old games, questions such as "Who's the best pony?" etc.

If you want to make a blog post about something, that something should be something people didn't know, e.g., things that people didn't know and will be surprised if they find out about them.

Blog Games

Seriously, either don't make blog games or make something that's new and attractive, or it will die down quickly. Think a bit, what will make people come and try a blog game, e.g., TheGuineaPig45's Pony Arena series or The Candlekeeper's old Hurt/Heal blog which nearly broke the comments record! Blog games are good as long as they have something new to offer!


Ok, a bit of advertising is fine, for example you can tell your friends or post a link in the chat, but don't make it like "I made a blog post PLS read it please please" because that will usually make people just ignore you. (I'm looking at you, <InsertNameHere> )

Add Photos

Just try to add some pictures or emotes (Tho pictures are more appreciated) to make your blog post look better!

Reply to the Comments!

How do you expect other people to notice you when you don't notice them? Always try to discuss with people about their opinions, just don't ask everyone "Who's the best pony?" and leave them alone, ask them why they like that pony?

What do you think?

What should the people do to improve their blogs posts' quality? Tell me in your comments! (and get a twily face!)