Hello everyone. Today, as my first Wikiversary is a special day to me, so I decided to do something special.

A year ago, I was a not so normal asocial gal (or maybe I still am?) who didn't really know anything about socializing and having friends and working as a team (Well I still don't IRL) and the only reason I'm not permablocked ATM is that I usually stick to the rules. (lol)

I still remember my first few days, I had some sort of obsession with the Dazzlings (for some reasons most new users do) and commented on more than half (if not all) of the pages related to them, and then got into TGP's Pony Arena and got a warning that I still think wa-

Whatever. afterward, I decided to sneak into the chatroom. At first I was confused, and... broke a rule, but I also met a lot of different people, including Chinchow, who's like a brother to me; really nice and caring people like Callofduty4 and Soap Shadow, awesome guys like Smith B., Nova and Shady and really nice/awesome people like Aero, Kame and Capt Derpy + the one and only SaIty. And later on I came across people like my dear Jorge and Nowlind, epic people like Sassy and Daxie, seriously cool people like Guild and UP and even more nice people including Kool, Ozuzanna, Rapid AKA TF2, Fennec, Niko (wanna go bowling?) Vanilla, Yoshi, Nis, Bmon, Dissy, Valent and all the other people that I can't mention in one blog (Tho sadly a lot of them left us, like Ethe and my clone), including Jonny, Impy, Rallin, Math, 343 and his bot Noteworthy, Sea, Craver, Herc, Dry, Nix, Kin, Creeper and all those who are and are not included in this avatar collage I made a while ago.

But who I met doesn't really matter, all the things that happened in this year is the thing that really changed me, I cried, I laughed, I raged, I had some fun, I broke some hearts (just kidding... I think (scared)), and now I'm sitting here, much more mature (actually more like a tiny lil' bit (XD)), and at least I know what to say when I meet someone new without getting myself into trouble, and I learned a lot about basic things such as uploading pictures, categorising (yeah seriously), being serious when needed, learned to actually make a signature by myself and many other things, and I wanted to thank you all for all these.

So right now I'm going to ask you all a question, we have many users who are pretty old (account-wise) and some who are newer, but all of us have something in common, we are in the same wiki; the same community and we all have a story, we all had our friends, experiences, and we probably all gathered some knowledge about a thing or two.

So this is the question, what's your story? DgihKkh.gifThundermare  (Talk page)uFz3Sbv.gif