It's become pretty obvious that Discord has now been entered as one of the big characters in MLP- perhaps more than a background character but less than the mane six and just a few steps behind characters such as the CMC or Big Mac. And might I add- I think I can speak for plenty on how much I'm LOVING this!!

Something I've noticed is, the more screen time Discord actually gets, the more defined and well-rounded his character becomes. In other words, he's no longer just a character we know who's the villain, and thus has no other motivations or desires besides causing havoc. Something amazing here is that, the more we see Discord, the more we get to understand him- he's even starting to develop flaws! We all know how much of a pity it is more a character to be a Mary Sue (As some people are starting to call Twilight Sparkle, although I harshly disagree with this.) A good character can have their motivations explained, have desires that touch the heart and soul of the audience, and have an interesting history that has been explored, but the character just isn't interesting if that character has no faults. Having faults is what makes us all 'human' or in this world, makes us all ponified rather than a dull flat character who seems to go through life doing whatever they want and getting away with it, either coming off scot free or having no PROPER emotional turmoil form the experience. The 'high life' bothers us if done incorrectly.

Now- this is speculation of course- but I'm starting to wonder if Discord is actually a very lonely individual. Think of it this way- emotions such as loneliness are always present in sentient beings. ALL creatures desire company, even if those creatures prefer isolated lifestyles (if only to reproduce, all animals desire company at some point.) I don't know much about the Draconequus in general or how they may differ in the land of Equestria as opposed to our human tales, but it doesn't seem that farfetched to me to believe they may experience loneliness as much as we do, since he does seem just as intelligent and sentient as the ponies.

So imagine you were the bringer of chaos- you find excitement in disrupting natural order, which is something an organized being such as humans, and as i have observed, ponies, naturally strive for. How many friends do you think Discord would have?

Discord seems to me a sort of odd combination of Pinkie and Fluttershy. On Pinkie's side, he searches for excitement and gets bored when things are too dull and natural and jaded. He seems very creative to me, almost bordering an artistic personality- the writers do a great job exploiting his ability to manipulate most anything. His dialogue is also extremely endearing to me, he seems to just be the type who can't sit still for too long, especially if nothing interesting is going on.

On the other hand, he may also seem a little like Fluttershy. In his mind, he's too much of an extroverted type to do anything but have fun. He wants to avoid negative emotions as much as possible, and what better way to do that but 'fake it until you make it?' It's difficult for him to admit he isn't having fun, or that he has another side to him, because that's just the type of person/whatever that he is! I've definitely met people like this- Ive BEEN this person before- and I think we all know how difficult it can be when you get into this type of thinking. It can sometimes even turn into a sort of denial- "I don't care about anything- I'm having too much fun!"

In spite of this, I think, like Fluttershy, Discord might have felt the effects of being shunned by society. If you're a social being, then you really can't avoid this sort of shame you get when being rejected. But Discord seems like the type to completely ignore this truth- and even enter a denial where he believes it isn't true. Still, I think he definitely seeks acceptance, and maybe...maybe...that's why he was reformed, and why he isn't particularly EVIL per say, only chaotic. And That's what Celestia could see, and what Fluttershy was willing to see.

I have to wonder, did Discord really reform because he learned 'the magic of friendship?' I've been operating under the theory that Discord ACTUALLY learned the significance of friendship. What I mean by that is, he only really APPRECIATED chaos up until that point. He didn't find any benefit anywhere else, and he saw that the friendship Fluttershy provided him actually made him feel happy. He didn't have some sort of epiphany and I don't think Fluttershy's friendship affected him THAT much, but I DO think he suddenly understood what friendship can bring. Thus, he learned to respect the benefits of both chaos AS WELL AS friendship. Once he had that, he wanted to experiment further- perhaps test it a bit- and he found that he actually liked Fluttershy. Not too much of a big friendship at this point, but I think he respected who she is, and got to understand her better by being in contact with her. He enjoyed her company, and since he respected HER, he respected what she believes in and didn't want to harm her beliefs because she valued them. This is why Discord isn't EVIL, he's just mischievous and chaotic- like a little boy who steps on one of your flowers in your flower garden and then runs away laughing. He's not evil, he's just got a ways to learn and grow. He's not devoid of morals, he just hasn't had time to respect them, and in due time with the right amount of tender loving care, he certainly has room within himself to eventually learn those morals and abide to them as he should.

Now, I want to point out how absolutely excited I was about "Three's a Crowd." There's the obvious stuff- the action was something I'd been excited about in the future ever since the two opening episodes, the humor was absolutely beautiful (I don't think I've ever laughed at a TV show so much before in my life. It only had my outwardly giggling several times, but usually i sit through comedies with a straight face and an amused heart. This, on the other hand, tickled me like good comedy should!) However, I admired the advancement in Discord's character the most- only further proving my inner theory that Discord has a flawed character he's slowly working on to recognize and correct. The best part is, Discord's character has two steps to get through. In other characters, like Fluttershy's shyness and Applejack's stubbornness, both characters KNOW about this flaw and KNOW it needs correcting in order to be a better pony for not only themselves, but for their friends and their interaction with society. Discord, on the other hand, doesn't seem to recognize he has flaws at all, he doesn't even WANT to take steps to correct these flaws, yet as time goes on, it seems he'll eventually need to face up to the fact that these flaws DO exist. By only both recognizing and admitting that these flaws exist can Discord make any attempts to move forward in changing himself, and THAT'S FANTASTIC!! It's totally realistic- and let's face it, very few of us actually know exactly what our flaws are and are working to fix it. Many of us stubbornly resist our flaws (mainly in denial) or else we think our biggest flaws are flaws that don't even exist in the first place, or hardly matter at all.

For example, there are many people who put themselves down all the time or treat their friends sourly, but they either don't recognize that this is their OWN problem they can fix THEMSELVES, or they think anything ELSE is a bigger problem. All of you- I know you've all put yourself down at some point- but you think the problem is "I'm too fat" or "i'm too ugly" is the problem, you never stop to recognize that you're causing the problem, that you are all magnificent beings and no one is judging you but yourselves. If others are judging you, it's only you who can accept that judgment, because opinions are only ever subjective- you decide the level of pain you'll experience at the mercy of those words, and it may be none at all if you try it out. Let me tell you- I bet 90% of your problems are either how you access yourself, and how others access you causing you to access yourself sourly, but that's unrelated to MLP, so I'll move on here.

I think I've made my point that Discord's flaws are incredibly believable, and that's highly admirable in a character. His character is becoming to enriched in detail and design, and I'm absolutely fangirling over it!

In "Three's a Crowd," I think Discord is actually expanding. He's forming a deep connection with Fluttershy, and I'm compelled to believe it's mainly because she's the only one who's ACTUALLY friends with him. Others, as we've seen, don't trust him at all. Even if ponies actually ARE friendly to him, they do so hesitantly, as if they'd rather not be there. That includes the others of the mane six- they strongly don't trust him, and I wonder, how much of that does he know and how does that affect him? Does he care? I think he does, and this episode proves that.

Now that he's gotten one friend, he wants more. Fluttershy is the only one who ACTUALLY cares about him, and it seems clear to me that she's friends with him not because she has to (anymore) but because she really does care for him and likes talking to him. But I think the attitude of the other mane 5 are getting at him, and he wants to be friends with them too, even if he doesn't want to admit it to himself. He probably does respect them and well...i'll put it this way. You're that guy with the one friend and you look over and there's the 'popular table' with all those friends. Your one friend is kind enough to be friends with you, but she's also friends with the popular table. That popular table 'tolerates' you because their friend likes you, that popular table LOVES your friend, and that popular table really doesn’t like you at all. How does this make you feel?

Personally, I'd feel a number of feelings. I'd want to be part of that popular table because for one, they're 'popular' and cool, and two, my friend likes them so I want to like them too, third, I only have one friend and it'd be nice to have five more, fourth, I'm mad because they don't like me so I don't like them either yet I crave their company.

So what is Discord doing? Why, trying to be friends with them too, although more like trying to shoehorn himself into the group. Can I just say how REALISTIC this is?? I've BEEN in this situation before, and I've seen it a million times elsewhere to boot. If you're craving attention and a hand with your loneliness enough, then I can guarantee it's possible to come into this delicate situation like a crazed man. It can get the point where, once you're in, you get so emotionally hurt when no one actually WANTS you there that you begin thinking in the way of "if i can't have it, no one can." You begin wanting to disrupt the place as much as possible, all the while thinking "If they actually liked me, i'd stop this right away." It's all about dignity. If no one likes you, you cover up your dignity as well as your injured feelings by, basically, becoming a huge jerk which- if no one liked you before- they now HATE you there. Your old friend becomes the only reason why both parties are participating and why no one on either side is saying anything- they still like that friend, and don't want to hurt them by making them CHOOSE. Now, I feel like some of you are thinking 'that's farfetched' but I swear i've seen this situation a million times, particularly in high schools.

This is an example of that happening outside of high school. Discord craves the attention and friendship of this seemingly perfect ideal group of friends that he's almost entered a mindset of "if you won't let me in, I’m breaking you apart" yet he doesn't see that his feelings are being hurt in the process here- if everyone actually liked him, this wouldn't be happening!! It's almost a sort of bullying technique, and a standard result.

In "Three's a Crowd," Discord targets Twilight specifically, but keep in mind- he targets EVERYONE! That's what the first ten minutes was about (oddly enough, this episode was extremely well-paced in my opinion. Nothing felt rushed, as i usually feel in the end. After I noticed it'd been ten minutes in and Discord and Twilight haven't even seen each other yet, I was just like "This is going to be a tornado of events isn't it?")

In the beginning (well, when Discord shows up I mean) Discord acts exactly like he would in the situation i explained- about wanting to be in the 'cool group of friends' dynamic. He informs them that he's sick, and we'll later know all about that of course, and what i found interesting here... he seems to keep the dialogue going. Even when he already knew about something, he wanted the mane four to explain it to him anyway. When they kept ignoring him, he would just say he knew about it anyway. RD, AJ, Rarity, and PP all act secretive around him, and to be honest, I think he just got sick of this. (I thought this exchange was hilarious, by the way.) During this whole thing, I wonder if he was trying to get attention from those mane four? Now, let me just point this important fact out here:

He knew about Twilight going out, and he knew about Fluttershy going out, and if his plan was to bother Twilight specifically, why did he go to the mane four first? He wanted THEM to take care of him, and when they didn't, he got fed up with it and targeted Twilight instead. All he wanted, I think, was attention. But he doesn't actually want to admit it- so he forms that need for attention into a prank/joke of sorts. After he's done messing with Twilight, he's thrilled that Twilight actually did all that for him. (I don't actually understand this scene completely- did Twilight CATCH him or did Discord just decide he was done and let Twilight know about it?) In either case, Discord was extremely excited about Twilight not shunning him, and that was definitely heart-warming for me (His face when Twilight was chastising him was adorable. that >.< face was like a nervous yet delighted toddler who had been caught playing a joke only HE found funny.)

After this week's episode, I felt like this episode was all about establishing who Discord is, and making his character more well defined. If this is true (I don't think it is- it's far too subtle) then this was done EXTREMELY well. This is a show for kids, so I got to admit this can't possibly be the main purpose. Still, it's always fun to find form your own creative world out of MLP! This show is so delightfully well-constructed that I can analyze it to death! I LOVE THIS SHOW!!

Now, to wait and see if our future Discord episodes excite this theory. Next week- my long awaited Pinkie episode. Since everyone's been saying Pinkie hasn't been Pinkie lately- as in her characterization has been lost in favor of comedy- I'm very excited to see how well this plays out!

(Is anyone going to read this novel of a blog post?? I wouldn't, lol!)