[I tried to post this as a comment on YouTube, but for whatever reason, Youtube won't let me publish my comments. This keeps happening and I keep forgetting, thus I write long thought-out comments in replies only to realize I waisted my time. This time, I got the idea to just post it as a blog on wikia. So, here it is:]

Garuu Spike: In general, AJ is right from any logical standpoints. Fluttershy's arguments don't have any credibility whatsoever and every one of them falls flat when you think them through. The episode's moral as a whole is wrong. Ask any farmer about pests like bats. None of them will tell you "Oh, we just side aside some of the orchard for them." None of them will tell you "Havin' bats spit seeds everywhere is a lot more effective than us carefully planting each tree in an organized fashion so they'll have plenty of room to grow." Also, TREES TAKE DECADES TO GROW, and random breeding simply will not do if you're trying to get the tastiest apples. Again, ask a farmer.

The bats are parasites. Would you feed a parasite with your own blood because it "needs to feed its family?" No, you wouldn't. Yes, I'm aware these aren't THAT kind of vampire bats, but that's beside the point.

By effect, Fluttershy is also WRONG from any logical standpoints. My guess is that the others saw it and took AJ's side because she's obviously right.Garu spike:

My Reply: Interesting that you agree with AJ, as from what I've seen, most agree with Fluttershy. Actually, I think both had EXTREMELY LOGICAL POINTS for different reasons, so no one point was in the right (although Fluttershy was supported by my personal values as well as the shows preference.) Here's how i see it:

Applejack was obviously the most logical view. All the reasons why this is so is covered in your comment, but to recap:

1. It doesn't matter if the animals should be respected as living creatures if they're destroying crops and lives with their habits. AJ's profession and her apples were at stake. AJ's emotional and financial safety is obviously going to be put ahead of Fluttershy's morals or the fruitbat's preferences in her crop.

2. The bats could easily feed somewhere else (they obviously CAME from somewhere. Why can't they go back? If that area is unusable at the moment, why do they eventually go back at some point? They can find wild fruit elsewhere.)

3. It doesn't matter if the bats help in the long run if AJ's family business is ruined in just one infestation. Trees take time to grow (although they seem to grow faster in Equestria) and disorganized spreading of seeds don't work well when planting trees. I hardly think the spread of seeds will make up for the loss of apples.

Fluttershy was also in the right because:

1. As sentient beings of high moral background, we as humans/ponies put animal rights into consideration. We know that aimals DO feel pain, and therefore starvation, and we don't know if the bats would starve without the apples. In any case, the bats are a part of the system of nature and shouldnt be recklessly slaughtered unless the situation is extremely dire (as in, the animal can become lethal or dangerous to innocent persons. This may or may not have been the case in the episode, depending on how the law works in Equestria and on one's opinions at the matter. Personally, i don't think the bats were THAT dangerous to the point where killing off large numbers of bats is required.)

2. Even IF applejack got rid of the bats at one point, the bats would eventually come back. Therefore, the problem would only return until one or the other destroyed the opposing force/both destroyed eachother. Fluttershy wanted to create a long term solution, while AJ understandably wanted/NEEDED a quick solution without consideration for future consequences.

3. This kind of connects to the first point, but we don't know if removing the bats would cause further damage. What will it do to the system of nature? What if these bats are rare and close to extiction? (although this was never mentioned, so it can't really be considered.) What if the bats move on to the TOWN from lack of food and injure innocent ponies? What if the bats have nowhere else to go afterall?

Over all, it's a battle between morality and reality.