For those, ah... Three of you who are actually interested in my fanfic, here's another part of it, taking up when the last installment left off.

thursday awgust twunty sevin ninenteen ninedy three

i went to skool today. i likeed it! my teecher taut us about princess celestia (mommy helped me with the speling). princess celestia raises the moon an the sun so ponys can hav nite and day. in skool i also met a new frend! her nam is cheerilee. she is pink and she helpd me with my skool wurk. when i got home i told mommy about wat i lerned an my new frend. mommy says shes proud of me for bein a gud stoodent. im goin to bed now. i wana get up for skool agan tomorow!

Rest assured, dear readers, that more like this will be heading your way soon!