Muahaha! It's alive! It's alive!


Well, my writing spirit is, anyway; today, I began writing a short story where my character writes a journal about his life as a pegasus. If you haven't fallen asleep already, please direct your attention to the excerpt below...

"awgust twunty sicks ninenteen ninedy three

my name is tordoc. im a pegasus an im five yers old today. i live with my mommy and my daddy an my sister rose. mommy got me this book fur my burthday. mommy says i shud rite evry day in this book abowt wat i did evry day. im not gud at riting but i well try for mommy. mommy says i gota go to bed early so i can wake up early. mommy said it is my furst day at skool tomorow an im gona meat new ponys an hav fun with them. i dont kno what skool is but it sounds fun! mommy says i gota go to sleep now. ill rite sum mor tomorow."

I assume, or at least, I hope that you realize that the miss-spellings are intentional; my take on what a 5-year-old's journal would look like. Anyway, all this week, I'll most likely be working and refining it.