Picture this!

An anime version of equetria girls. Taking a few details from my little pony friendship is magic and equestria girls. The villains from my little pony will be the villains of the human world. An alternet reality where six normal high school girls become magical pony-fied superheros each repersents the elements of harminy. Where the principal and the vice principal are princesses from ancient times. And one of the six is the chosen princess that will lead the team to defend earth with friendship and harminy.

Twilight Sparkle (not wearing glasses) is a teenage girl starting high school at CHS where she stumbles upon a mysteries stone. Twilight pick it up and put it in the bag. the stone glow and twilight got the shivers. Wondering what it was she just forget it and move on. During her first day at school she met Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie, she also met a boy named Flash Sentry when she bump into him. When the stone start glowing again this time it was a big burst, Principal Celestria sence it and knows what's happening. The six girls are caught by surprise when the shadow figures attacked them. Principal Celestria jump in and save the girls with her powers. She ask them if one of them have the stone, Twilight showed Celestria the stone and tell the girls to come with her. When Celestria brought the girls to her home, she open a secret passage, in the secret room she showed the girls the five stones Celestria had just lick the one Twilight found, she also tell the that she is a princess from ancient times. Twilight dose not beleave her at first but the six stone started to glow and hover over there heads. Celestria told them that thay are chosen as gardiens of harminy. Twilight beleaves her and the girls acceps. The girls transformed and go fight some bad guys.

After whaching few anime all female superhero team and equestria girls it gave an idea to create a fan made anime series, so what do you think?