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  • I was born on May 31
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  • TrickyMario76543

    Hi, I'm Back...

    This game works like this.


    User 1: Bloom & Gloom

    User 2: If Apple Bloom's first dream was really real and she was zapped and she died.

    Then User 2 would say what episode the next person will have to answer. Example:

    User 2: Trade Ya!

    Then we repeat this again and again.

    I will start with The Cutie Map.

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  • TrickyMario76543

    Here's a sequel to Spike The Dragon's "You become the following animal..." blog.

    You become the following animal/creature according to the first letter of your username.

    A: Squirrel

    B: Turtle

    C: Mouse

    D: Spider

    E: Monkey

    F: Bear

    G: Alligator

    H: Lizard

    I: Bat

    J: Cat

    K: Hawk

    L: Albatross

    M: Eagle

    N: Dinosaur

    O: Tiger

    P: Meerkat

    Q: Snake

    R: Wolf

    S: Caterpillar

    T: Frog

    U: Rabbit

    V: Owl

    W: Pony (Your OC)

    X: Fly

    Y: Dragon

    Z: Fox

    Any number or non-letter: Butterfly

    And I turn into... A Frog! *Ribbit*

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  • TrickyMario76543

    You get to be friends with somepony forever according to your username, which pony do be friends with:

    A: Twilight Sparkle

    B: Fluttershy

    C: Rainbow Dash

    D: Applejack

    E: Rarity

    F: Pinkie Pie

    G: Apple Bloom

    H: Sweetie Belle

    I: Scootaloo

    J: Babs Seed

    K: Button Mash

    L: Cheerlie

    M: DJ-Pon3

    N: Derpy Hooves

    O: Bon Bon

    P: Lyra Heaststrings

    Q: Spitfire

    R: Sunset Shimmer

    S: Diamond Tiara

    T: Silver Spoon

    U: Twist

    V: Cheese Sandwich

    W: Daring Do

    X: Carmel

    Y: Granny Smith

    Z: Princess Luna

    Any non letter: Princess Celesta

    I get to be friends with "Silver Spoon"!

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  • TrickyMario76543

    I will revive this game.

    EG (Copied from the pervious game):

    User 1: *posts picture*

    User 2: Rainbow Dash: It's a shame I had to quit the Wonderbolts, but I just had to see this. I couldn't be wasting my time practicing!

    I doesn't have to be MLP Related, but I suggest that it should.

    NO RUDE PICTURES... and try to make it funny!

    Here's the first picture:

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  • TrickyMario76543

    Diamond Tiara: We asked Filthy Rich to set up another ask blog for us!

    Silver Spoon: Yep, The rules are all below.

    Diamond Tiara: If you wanna ask only Diamond Tiara, say "For Diamond Tiara" before the question!

    Silver Spoon: If you wanna only ask Silver Spoon, say "For Silver Spoon" before the question!

    Both: If you wanna ask both of us, say "For both of you" before the question!

    Diamond Tiara: We'll answer any question unless there questions somepony else has already asked. Alright?

    Silver Spoon: You can ask us more than once if you like!


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