Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon together S4E15

Ask us questions, please!

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon "blank flanks!" S4E05

We're BFFAE's (Best Friends Forever And Ever!) We will Die Together and be buried Together!

Diamond Tiara: We asked Filthy Rich to set up another ask blog for us!

Silver Spoon: Yep, The rules are all below.

Diamond Tiara: If you wanna ask only Diamond Tiara, say "For Diamond Tiara" before the question!

Silver Spoon: If you wanna only ask Silver Spoon, say "For Silver Spoon" before the question!

Both: If you wanna ask both of us, say "For both of you" before the question!

Diamond Tiara: We'll answer any question unless there questions somepony else has already asked. Alright?

Silver Spoon: You can ask us more than once if you like!