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The steve report

Hello if you dont know me mine name is steve im a Cartoonist who goes on MLP CHAT very much (like im addicetd to mlp chat and i cant stop) but anyway lets talk about Mlp but not the good stuff like the storys , the comdey , the music(why did i say that last part) were talking about the bad episodes. a couple of weeks before i asked people what was the worst mlp episode out there. One episode got the highest results "The Mysterious Mare Do Well" this episode everbody agreed was the worst. So i went down to the Local mac's(mac's milk) bought an $15 dollers itunes card (they dont make $5 doller ones anymore) went back home and bought the episode on itunes. at frist it seems like a normal episode but then rainbow dash saves a kid from a well, now the frist problem i have with this sence is well the well part, there are about 20 other pegsi ponies that live in ponyville and they could'nt save the pony like i know rainbow dash was the frist pony to hear the kid put the could have been there for hours , after that rainbow dash saves people from all differnt kind of disaters but here friends arent happy mostly because rainbow dash shows off. 2nd problem at frist she isnt rubbing it in there faces infact only once in the entire episode does she rub it in the rest of the time she's acting like spider-man in spider-man3(but she didnt Piss off eddie brock or mary jane) so her friend are just jeulous if you put it in retrospect. so after a whie a new hero comes to town and saves they day , at this part the epsiode starts to head dowhill the hero saves everypony in town at a speed greather then rainbow dash , but the pony only saves people that rainbow dash is about to save for example RD tries to save a bus of ponies from the cliff , but the mare do well gets there frist now I could go into altime conspriaces mode and say that these were planned but im going on a differnt topic . nobody notices that the mare do well only helps people that rd is about to help like what about little timmy who is stuck in the woods or mike who is lost on the highway or damian who is pretty angry that his mini dv camera has gotten the E04 maufution , moving on another part that pisses me off is that nobody cares about rd efforts like when she is saving a dude from a falling bulding they other counstrution workers say mare do well was faster , which was mean because rd could have gotten killed saving him like she didint have to do it , so the least they could do was say thanks. The diner sence was the part that made fans really explode , so the main six(yes i used main instead of mane live with it) are at the dinner and the say how great the mare do well is ( having 100% knowlage the RD is there) and they litterly rub it in her face and spike is being no better he is bascily trying to piss RD off infact all of them are , in other much better and nicer episodes when a main 6 pony is mad or sad the other ponies help her out and try to solve the problem ( not counting Leasson Zero and Giffon the brush off) instead they just laugh at her like to make her feel bad , What kind of friends would do that infact when RD left in fury they justed shruged , i had a feeling rainbow dash wanted to beat the living crap out of them like she could of just went mallory knox on them (*opeing seen of natural born killers) . after all that rainbow dash then helps the peasents of ponyville who just yell and make her feel like crap , then she relzies that the mare do well is keeping something for example she has wing,a horn at the same time which can only be applied to an alicorn but is too small to be (my god i cant belive she is the only pony to realazie(spelt worng i know) this) so she comes to abushes the mare do well at the festival and a chase insues which to revial the mare do well ideaty as the main 6 ( steve face goes into extream face plam) they explain that they did it because they had enough of rd crap yet the irony of the whole thing is that they were not doing anybetter by making fun of Rd so thats the end of the epsiode thank god!

This episode is mean sprited and well mean like this is the most insestive the mane 6 have acted
Marshmallow Murder01:13

Marshmallow Murder

what happened to the last marshmallows that had a friend who watched the epsiode

since leasson zero and they way they portraed them was horrible. if you trying to get a friend to watch mlp dont show them this epsiode it so bad it will make them murder marsmhellows litterly.

well g2g watch some good mlp epsiodes to review in the mean time here is the question of the week

What state/province do u think canterlot high is in


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