Hi there im Steve Difenbaker (trollpasta steve's oc) and today i will be ranting about one sence in MLP EG that has gotten me mad for the past 8 weeks. So at this one part in the flim sunset simmer tries to frame twlight by docting picture of her playing sccocr and mixing them with a damged gym to make it look like twlight went on a ramage (simlir to micky knox in Natural Born Killers) but the problem is that instead of making it convincing by useing adobe or GNU she does the dumb thing and glues the picture togther , which would work in a Tintin book but come one people this is 2014 (1997 in ponyville) how does luna not see this like COME ON didnt she feel that the picture was a bit werid and come on if your using just glue and scisccors it would look much worse. This has been my rant godnite MLP wiki

-steve difenbaker

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