Hey there steve agian with new nostgia Blog post , today we will be looking at the songs that made the 90's the best years ever.

I Heart the 90s

Oasis - Wonderwall (1995)

Oasis - Wonderwall - Official Video04:40

Oasis - Wonderwall - Official Video

The song that put Oasis on the map and got them the title best selling album from a british band since the beatles , was all the rage in the 1995. Every teen in the 90's that had a CD player ( or even a Tape Deck) had a least one Oasis album in their collection , and their music videos were always widley viewed on MTV. Even though they had other hits in the 90's such as  " Champagne Supernova" and "Supersonic" But this was the hit that started it all.

Madonna - Ray of light (1998)

Madonna - Ray Of Light (Official Video)05:06

Madonna - Ray Of Light (Official Video)

This feel good song that was made in 1998 (same year as I was born) was an outsanting hit with the album being the best selling album of 1998 and the cool music video intrdouced madonna to a younger genration of music lovers , the song was so popular that it was paroed in a Familt Guy episode and the song was used in a windows XP commercal.

Macarena - Los Del Rio (1996) (had Problems Uploading The music Video)

If you were a kid in the 90's ( or a least early 2000's) you would hear this song at every school dance and parties. whats there to hate about this song it has a nice tune and popular dance routie. Popularty of this one hit wonder got it to be paroied on many shows and got it self a Heineken commerical.

White Town - Your Woman (1997)

White Town - Your Woman04:27

White Town - Your Woman

This catchy toon was the frist hit heard in the year 1997. With the nice toon and kickass music the song hit mainstream in no time flat with white town's Album "Women in Techonlgy" getting the #1 hit selling list in the U.K , #2 in Canada and #6 in the USA. Sadly it lost populairty as fast as it gained it , which is sad that this is the only hit white has gotten oustide the U.K and his songs are great , its 10x better then the Autotune crap we here today.

Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity (1997)

Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity03:57

Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity

1997 was a good year for music , mostly because with the year 2000 coming up everybody was trying to find ways to be a part of the style of the new milleuim . so when Jamiroquai  made a catchy song that had a weird but enjoyable music video that was playing on the radio 24/7 everybody was a part of it , with Jamiroquai getting their frist but not last taste of mainstream sucess , we have a feeling that they will be in our next nostgia 90's list.


Yes i know their are more songs in the 90's that were great , yes i know i didnt inculde them and yes i'm sorry , this post was mostly to focas on the hits from the late 90's that ment something , mostly some of my favorites and some that were hits in the years they came out in but next time i will do a much better list with more songs. If you have a song that you thought difened the 1990's please leave it the comments and i will see if its worthy of being on the list.