This is an exercise in unfair pigeon-holing, overgeneralising, picking and choosing my data points, and unfounded assumptions based on not enough information. I'm therefore making this public so people can laugh at me when I get things wrong. I've played this game intermittently all season, and I've been wrong a lot. Most recently, I variously predicted the writer for The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 to be Dave Polsky (because the synopsis sounded far-fetched and flimsy) and Chris Savino (outsiders threatening a main character).

A Friend in Deed
Dave Polsky.
Rationale: The synopsis sounds a bit thin, and to be honest, both his other episodes are a bit on the weak side plot-wise. Polsky has previously written an episode in which Pinkie, while not the character the episode was "about", was front and center (Feeling Pinkie Keen), and an episode in which Pinkie's usual song-and-dance routine does not have the desired outcome (Over a Barrel). Also, we know Polsky is a writer for the third season, so he's probably written at least one episode for season 2 as well.

Update: Screw this, I'm just gonna pick Polsky all the time; it has to be correct at some point.

Putting Your Hoof Down

  • Dave Polsky. It sounds like Fluttershy might overcompensate and start mistreating her friends, like Twilight in Feeling Pinkie Keen.
  • Non-Polsky alternative: Chris Savino. He has previously written an episode (Stare Master) centering (partly) on Fluttershy, which also happens to feature Fluttershy "getting assertive" at the end. Also penned an episode (Boast Busters) in which an outsider comes to town and is a prominent part of the lesson du jour. And, like Polsky, we're running out of episodes for him to write (this is assuming he still works on the show).

It's About Time

  • Dave Polsky. He's done crazy Twilight before (Feeling Pinkie Keen).Update (after the clip was released): "You're not scientifically possible."
  • Non-Polsky alternative: M.A. Larson. Sure sounds a lot like Lesson Zero, which is why it's probably not a Meghan McCarthy episode (that would be too easy). Time travel is the kind of high concept that seems like it's right up Larson's alley, and he has previously written an episode featuring a crazed Twilight who can't cope with some kind of unexpected news (Swarm of the Century). Of course, if this is a Larson episode, he'd have doubled his workload from season 1.

Dragon Quest

  • Dave Polsky. His previous episodes only included Spike in minor roles; maybe he wanted a Spike episode to himself. Also, both his previous episodes introduce new locations that never appeared again; I'm expecting the same here.
  • Non-Polsky alternative: A possible mythology episode with a heavy focus on Spike and his relationship to those around him... I'm going with Cindy Morrow, who previously wrote Owl's Well That Ends Well and Family Appreciation Day.

Hurricane Fluttershy

  • Dave Polsky. "I'd like to be a tree" -> "Hurricane Fluttershy". Or something.
  • Non-Polsky alternative: Charlotte Fullerton, primarily because she wrote the Fluttershy episode A Bird in the Hoof where good intentions led to complications, and because of the Rainbow/Fluttershy scene in May the Best Pet Win!.

Ponyville Confidential

  • Dave Polsky. Because he's the only writer besides Fullerton who hasn't written for the CMC at all before, and everywriter loves the fillies, so he got an episode full of them.
  • Non-Polsky alternative: The above is also true for Charlotte Fullerton, but my gut feeling says Amy Keating Rogers.

MMMystery on the Friendship Express

  • Dave Polsky. Because the other episode prominently featuring that train was also written by him.
  • Non-Polsky alternative: Charlotte Fullerton. Because it looks like Pinkie is going to be the central character, and Fullerton's last episode was Baby Cakes.

A Canterlot Wedding

  • Dave Polsky. Because this whole blog rests on the assumption that if Polsky returns in season three, he must have written something in season two.
  • Non-Polsky alternative: Meghan McCarthy. Because she's the lead writer for season three and quite possibly got the job by turning in an awesomely epic season finale. Amy Keating Rogers is also a possibility, since she wrote last year's finale, but less likely if she gets one of the two preceding episodes instead. Would be a nice send-off, though, since apparently she's not with the show anymore.