Ranked lists of all episodes are popular, but the ten-out-of-ten counting system seems arbitrary and not consistently applied, and I don't trust myself to objectively shuffle 65 episodes around in my head at once. So I'm doing things a little differently, aware though I am that this isn't entirely fair either because the credited writer is not responsible for every aspect of an episode and probably not even responsible for some of the dialogue and story.

Eps are ranked relative to the other episodes credited to the writer, not relative to the entire series (meaning: "Baby Cakes" is not a better episode than "Sweet and Elite"). Episodes credited to more than one writer (denoted with asterisk) are assigned to whomever I consider the "main" one.

Seasons 1+2+3


Corey Powell

Sleepless in Ponyville (58)
Just for Sidekicks (63)


Lauren Faust

Friendship is Magic (1+2)


Chris Savino

Stare Master (17)
Boast Busters (6)