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  • Turbofrog

    The Silver Stallions

    March 1, 2013 by Turbofrog

    I have noticed that there is no current awards show for this wiki. So, with admin approval, I have worked on...

    Okay, so for the first one, we will celebrate the best of Season 1, including acting, directing, great scenes and backround pony epicness. I will choose the nominations for most awards, and will also choose the winners. Pictures of the Silver Stallion Award are on the forum (I gotta put fanamade on that thing). Here is the table of awards.

    The List of Awards
    Award Nominees
    Best Episode


    Best Directing -
    Best Main Pony -
    Best Supporting Pony -
    Best Guest Pony -
    Best Backround Pony -
    Best Overall Pony -
    Best Song (Upbeat) -
    Best Song (Ballad/Sad) -
    Best Voice Actor -
    Best Voice Actress -
    Best Comedic Quote -
    Best Dramatic Quote -
    Best A…

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  • Turbofrog

    Hi, my name is Turbofrog. I have been creating many ponies recently, and I decided to share them here. Here are the first three I created, along with one from a friend.

    First off is Oaky Hollows, the pony of the forest. Originally from Manehatten, his uncle was one of the founding members of the Wonderbolts. He got his Cutie mark after saving a helpless foal from the forest.

    Coat: Strong green.

    Mane: Deep tangelo with a very deep tangelo streak.

    Eyes: Luminous vivid gamboge.

    Cutie mark: Pine tree.

    Then we have Cloud Flicker, which was created by a friend of mine (who's name is anonymus). He is the roomate/best friend of Oaky Hollows, and they both work in pony video game design. He is a distant cousin of Cloud Kicker, yet only Cloud Flicker know…

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