Hi, my name is Turbofrog. I have been creating many ponies recently, and I decided to share them here. Here are the first three I created, along with one from a friend.

FANMADE OakyHollowsBlog

The pony of the forest: Oaky Hollows.

First off is Oaky Hollows, the pony of the forest. Originally from Manehatten, his uncle was one of the founding members of the Wonderbolts. He got his Cutie mark after saving a helpless foal from the forest.

Coat: Strong green.

Mane: Deep tangelo with a very deep tangelo streak.

Eyes: Luminous vivid gamboge.

Cutie mark: Pine tree.

FANMADE CloudFlickerBlog

The pony from a friend: Cloud Flicker

Then we have Cloud Flicker, which was created by a friend of mine (who's name is anonymus). He is the roomate/best friend of Oaky Hollows, and they both work in pony video game design. He is a distant cousin of Cloud Kicker, yet only Cloud Flicker knows of this.

Coat: Deep blue violet.

Mane: Light brilliant gold with a luminous vivid gold streak.

Eyes: Moderate purple.

                                                       Cutie mark: Thunder storm clouds.

FANMADE SandyBeachBlog

Water is very important: Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach is a pegasus from Cloudsdale, who's mother was responible for the rain in thunderclouds. She works in sea wave control. along with being a childhood friend of Derpy Hooves.

Coat: Pale amber.

Mane: Luminous vivid azure with luminous vivid opal streaks.

Eyes: Luminous vivid cerulean.

Cutie mark: Rain drops.

FANMADE AlpineBlog

Mountains are big, like this guy's brains: Alpine.

Alpine is a very intelligent snow unicorn from Canterlot, and was moved to Ponyville in order to finish some 'business'. He wears mountain boots, mainly because he is used to climing steep mountains, hence the cutie mark.

Coat: Light gray.

Mane: Light gray with a black streak.

Eyes: Dark grey

Cutie mark: Mountain range.

Thats it for Pt. I. I am willing to take cutie mark suggestions from users (note that the ones I used here aren't mine, I don't know who made them, but I give credit to who did :)). I will make more every week, each with a back story.

Bye bye.

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