Hello everypony! I'm a new guy to this wiki in my first blog post I just want to talk about a no budget brony orriented feature length horror movie yeah it'll suck :) 6 bronies each corresponding to their favorite pony are getting killed off in ways that apply to their pony of choice as the story progresses it turns out one of them is a hater that has gone beyond his limits. And also the killer wears a costume reminiscent to the mysterious mare do wells costume not so "Do well" anymore right? Yeah I know pretty cheesy but I already have 5 cast members and I just need one more and the script is about 3/4 complete. It will be non-profit simply realeased to youtube in a few parts. Now the 3 Flowers part of the headline. 3 Flowers is a fanfic I'm making centering on the background ponies of Lily, Daisy, And Rose. Its gonna be about ghosts and stuff :F. I have an OC in the story under the name of Tulip as to go along with the flower thing however Tulip is kinda dead. Lily Daisy, And Rose go back to the country home where they grew up but they discover not all is right. The house has bad memories hidden inside of its walls so the 3 of them (as in 3 Flowers) have to figure out a Mystery from the past or be cursed to roam the halls of the house with whatever else resides there. Thats all for today everypony! :)