Bronies and pegasisters, if any of you are reading this, then I've got to ask you one question: Do you think that Twilight will ever become an icon in cartoons for kids of this generation? I mean, Finn and Jake from Adventure Time are probably going to make that status (if they haven't already), Mordecai and Rigby from Regular Show may also reach that status, Steven from Steven Universe may make it, not so sure about Gumball from The Amaxing World of Gumball, but hey, it could happen. And with so many of these characters being apart of this generation of cartoons, and considering FiM's cult following, do you think Twilight may be up with the likes of Optimus Prime from Transformers, considering how both characters are a part of the same company?

I know this may be too early to tell, but I'm just curious as to what you all think. I would personally be happy if she did become an icon among cartoons, a character that influenced children, teenagers and even adults in their daily lives on how we behave and what lessons we hold with value, and just being an overall well-written character that we may look back on tell other people, whether it's in the internet or in the outside world, how great of a character she was and what she has taught us as people. Well, that's how I interpret her in this case. So tell me, do you think she'll ever become an icon among cartoons? And to be fair, we could also say the same thing about the other Mane Six as well, so you can tell what you think of them along with Twilight.

Now, if only they could get their own legit Wikipedia pages...