My favorite characters in My Little Pony.

Top Ten

Twilight Sparkle- because she is rad and similar to me. Discord- The actor who plays him is Q in Star Trek, he likes to annoy people, he is hilarious , and he looks cool. MABEY 20 PERCENT. Princess Luna-Shes rad, she speaks in the royal tone, her hair, he olden speech. Rarity- Three Words, it is on. Rainbow Dash- Maybe 20 percent cooler than Pinkie Pie. Cutie Mark Crusaders- The Song. Princess Celestia- Dear My Faithful Student, Shes like Twilights Mother Figure and she has rad hair. Trixie- THE GREAT AND POWERFUL. Diamond Tiara- Just. Cant Explain. Fluttershy- Umm well if its okay i think she is nice.

Twilight and Discord talking at the same time S4E11

My All Time Favorites Are TWILIGHT AND DISCORD.😀

My Little Pony FiM (Dutch) Cutie mark crusaders02:14

My Little Pony FiM (Dutch) Cutie mark crusaders


Favorite Places

Golden Oak Library- ITS A TREE, ITS A LIBRARY. Princess Luna/Celestia's Old Castle- CREEPY, COOL, HIDDEN TRAPS. Everfree Forest-dragons, ursa majors, cockatrices. Manehattan- Rarity takes Manehattan is the explanations. Canterlot- CASTLE. Cloudsdale clouds , rainbow factory, pegasi Carousel Boutique- Cool