The Diaries of A ruined Tiara

“Able to last for a year,” according to typical uncouth pony who desires to teach me “Friendship”(Pah)

Sunday, 9pm

Well, here I am, in this stupid castle, waiting for daybreak to come and never desiring to sleep again. Who wants to sleep when they just did a small little crime, not anything wrong, and then is dragged off unwillingly away from her home? Well, they think the opposite. It all began when we walked into that public school! What kind of stallion sends his daughter to a public school when he’s staying at a mansion full of servants and maids? And then I saw those insolent fillies. Scootaloo, Pegasus who can’t fly. Sweetie Belle, some “pretty” unicorn filly who wishes to get me away from the spotlight. And Apple Bloom, from a poor family who barely sends her there! Not very proper… Unlike me, of course, and my friend Silver Spoon, who live in mansions, Have about a billion bits, and can easily afford to move to Manhattan and ditch that dusty town. Some pony’s coming. More later.


Fools! Did they really believe I was sleeping? Now, as usual, we taunted those stupid fillies. Some ponies say that it is a cruel, horrible thing to do. Well, for me it’s the only enjoyable sport! Who can resist the pleasure of taunting ponies without cutie marks? And they still believed that they could earn them! They will never find talents if they have any, never have hopes, never have jobs or dreams, never ever. Their families just speak it out! I abhor the Apple family. They cannot fool me into thinking cider is good. What could I expect? The oldest member is a…grandmother about three hundred years old. The next oldest is a unruly stallion who seems to like our teacher, Miss Cheerilee. No parents, I suppose. The next is Applejack who claims to be the Element of Honesty! Not very honest. I doubt someone like that would be something so great. Last, of course, is pale little old insolent Applebloom… Sweetie Belle’s family is not much better. Her sister is the creator of messy designs which I hate. Her parents often go away on vacations and leave them to the house. What kind of family is that?! I suppose Sweetie Belle is unloved. No matter. I hardly show sympathy for her. She’s not me. And here is the funny thing: Scootaloo has no family, and she didn’t even have one! She was invented by this old doctor named Doctor Hooves across the town, and she was the only successful thing he ever made! Spirits, I am told. But I do not believe that, even if she says that there was a meteor shower when she was in progress. Anyway I believe she learned to survive on her own after Doctor Hooves forgot about her. Perhaps she feels unloved too… well, why would I care? So, as we were taunting them, Apple Bloom came up with a most silly answer. She said “We don’t care, you two. Our families and our real friends-like Dinky Doo and Noi-will help us!” “Oh, right,” said Silver Spoon. “Dinky Doo doesn’t even have her cutie mark yet and she’s the daughter of some pony retarded. Who doubts she’s going to inherit that? And Noi is too obsessed with pillows, pillows, and pillows. You only made friends with her because of your sister’s shop, which she usually visited. Once she goes out of pillows, so do you!” “At least they’re nice!” said Scootaloo. “And Dinky Doo was adopted by Derpy! Plus you got it all wrong with Noi. Before you moved here she was in our class and we invited her to Rarity’s shop!” “Hah,” I retaliated. “Every other pony knows that Dinky Doo is the real daughter of Derpy. She divorced Doctor Hooves one year after she was born. Same with her sister Sparkler- it was another pony! They are stepsisters! Open up your eyes!”