In The Candlekeeper's Hurt/Heal blog there has been a recent onslaught of attacks on the poor innocent filly Snowdrop  The attacks were so bad that Snowdrop almost was down for count but then a group of Snowdrop healers suddenly came in and earned the nickname the "Snowdrop Rescue Team." I am now here to organize this loose confederation into an organized faction. 


Our one and only goal is to double heal Snowdrop in order to protect her from the anti-Snowdrops and hurting other ponies will only waste a heal towards Snowdrop. The Anti-Snowdrops main interest is to hurt Snowdrop and thus we must protect her. 


Joining is simple, all one has to do is state their interest in joining on this blog post.


UglyTurtle (Leader)

Michael Ramsey (Co-leader)



Dipsy Twirl



Meester Tweester

Snowdrop's health updates

27/8/13-Snowdrop's health is down to 14, we need to heal her!

28/8/13-Snowdrop's health is down to 11, don't give up!

29/8/13-Snowdrop's health is down to 7, we need you now more than ever

30/8/13-Snowdrop's is down for the count, thank you all for fighting for her.


Solar Empire


Snowdrop has fallen and thus this faction has disbanded. I strongly urge you all to join the Solar Empire as they were our greatest ally, you are free to go on your own seperate ways, however.