• Uknownada

    I just finished watching Dragon Quest, and I thought of something.

    During Spike's quest to the dragons, on his way he finds Cranky Doodle. In A Friend in Deed, Cranky said he searched all around for Matilda. While on his search, he got his black wig. This was the wig he wore while rafting Spike. In FiD, he got a new wig, found Matilda, and moved into Ponyville. Not to mention, he's happy. Cranky is no longer cranky.

    But in DQ, he is cranky, wearing his black wig, and far away from Ponyville. He's probably still searching for Matilda.

    Because of Cranky still being pre-happy Cranky in DQ, would that suggest that DQ is a prequel to FiD?

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